Bio-E, established in Melbourne, is a leading Australian health and beauty supplement company. Bio-E specialises in the development, manufacturing and marketing of premium enzyme products, health supplements and skincare products. Specifically, Bio-E’s core enzyme product portfolio features an extensive range covering all functionalities, such as slim body, detox, maintain health & youth and sleep assistance, and form factors, including powder, tablet, liquid and squeeze / jelly.

In recent years, Bio-E quickly expands its presence in the market by focusing on creating innovative health and beauty products tailored for its customers. We are proud of providing premium products that support the wellbeing and happiness of customers through exceptional formulations, techniques and the finest ingredients responsibly sourced from Australia and around the global. Due to our rapid growth in China, we have also established branches in Ningbo and Hangzhou.

At Bio-E, we are committed to all aspects of food safety. HACCP food safety hazard control system is implemented in every aspect of our production process. All Bio-E products are extensively tested for quality and effectiveness to ensure our customers consume only the best.


HACCP Certified Manufacturer

Australian Developed

Wellness Philosophy