Magic Powder – Vanilla Ice Cream Flavour

Our supplement contains patented Champex® Champignon Mushroom.

NET 322 g / 28 Sachets

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Soy Protein, Maltodextrin, Psyllium Husk Powder, Non-Dairy Creamer, Champex® Champignon Mushroom Powder, Vanilla Ice Cream Powder Flavouring (1%), Aloe Vera Gel Concentrate Powder, Rosemary Powder, Erythritol, Sweetener (Sucralose).
Allergy Advice: Contains soy and aloe vera.


How to Use:
Prepare 150mL warm water (temperature 30-40 ℃), mix one sachet with the water, stir well and ready to serve.
Drink immediately. Once prepared, any unused portions should be discarded. It should not be stored for consumption at a later time.
Use up to 3 sachets per day.

Store in a dry place at room temperature, avoid direct sunlight.

This product contains aloe vera gel powder concentrate 200:1 (equivalent of 10 grams of pure aloe vera gel per serving). The reference daily intake of aloe vera gel is no more than 30 grams.
Not suitable for children under 14 years of age, pregnant or breastfeeding women.
If you have a medical condition, please consult your doctor before taking this product.


Q: How many Magic Powder to consume for a feeling of satiety?
A: One sachet of Magic Powder may provide you 2-3 hours feeling of satiety however you may require more or less than indicated depending on your energy need.

Q: Why drink water after consuming Magic Powder would help with a feeling of satiety?
A: The fibre in psyllium seed husk absorbs loads of water and quickly expands to improve satiety.


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