Meyer Lemon Squeeze

Fermented with meyer lemon, white grape, minneola tangelo and pitahaya, this product is so delicious and contains dietary fiber and plant-based goodness.

NET 30 mL x 14

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Probiotic Concentrate (Meyer Lemon, White Grape, Minneola Tangelo, Pitaya), Konjac, Preservative (202).
Probiotics strains including Lactobacillus acidophilus LAC-361, Bifidobacterium longum BB-536, and Lactobacillus rhamnosus LCS-742 are used in the process.


How to Use:
Take 1 packet per day, anytime of day.
Best served chilled.

Store below 25℃ in a cool, dry place away from direct sunlight.

• People with diabetes or are pregnant should consult their health practitioner prior to using this product.
• Do not use this product if packet appears unusually inflated or damaged.


Q: What is the difference between our  Juice Squeeze and Fermented Juice range?
A: Juice Squeeze is a portable, ease of use product that provides a source of goodness while the Fermented Juice range is more of a probiotic powerhouse.

Q: Why you sometimes get slightly different taste from Juice Squeeze?
A: The difference in taste is perfectly normal. Made from our Probiotic Concentrate, the taste and flavour of the Juice Squeeze may vary from batch to batch due to natural raw materials used in production. Take Meyer Lemon and White Grape as examples, their colour, taste and flavour may vary across the seasons.